HMRC taskforces target industry to recover £16m

HMRC has announced the launch of four specialist taskforce initiatives around the country with the aim of recovering a total of £16m in unpaid tax.
The taskforces will target the haulage industry in the Midlands, which is expected to yield £3.5m, and the restaurant trade in Yorkshire and Humber, from which HMRC expects to recover £3.8m.

A third taskforce will cover all areas of the Scottish fishing industry, including tax evasion by crews, fishing vessel owners and fish processors, and is expected to recover £3.6m.
HMRC expects its biggest haul, £5.5m, to come from the taskforce dedicated to tackling tax avoidance in the holiday industry in Blackpool, Lake District, North Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

From Accountancy Live

September 2017