About us

Jacqui Shapland Accountancy is a firm of local accountants first established in a small village in 1989. In 1991 we relocated to an even smaller village. We offer a variety of accountancy services to small businesses who are looking for a local accountant that puts customer satisfaction at the top of their list of services.

With modern technology we provide the services of a local accountant to businesses from Bideford to Bedford, from Gravenhurst to John O Groats, From Dunstable to Dyfedd. We even provide the services of a local accountant as far afield as Spain and the Netherlands.

Jacqui Shapland has a wealth of experience in providing local accountancy services to small buisness. "I have been associated with small businesses for most of my life. My Father and Grandfather were small businessmen and my brothers all run their own businesses.

I have not just an understanding, but first hand knowledge, of the problems facing small buisnesses. Not least the problems with keeping costs down. I like to think we offer a good all round service at very reasonable costs.

The small businessess local accountant" Jacqui is a a Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians and has worked with small business accounts and administration all of her working life.