Payroll and CIS

All limited companies need to operate a payroll scheme, even if the director is the only employee. Many small businesses employ a small number of people necessitating regular pay calculations.

HM Revenue and Customs have recently changed their policy with regard to late filing, late payment, and non compliance with payroll regulations. This has alredy resulted in some small businesses receiving unexpected fines that can be several hundred pounds. T

he Revenue are automating as much of their work as possible, this means that in the future you will have to provide information and file many more forms, on-line. The cost of compliance is increasing and the cost of getting it wrong more so.

We can offer full payroll administration from setting up a payroll scheme to payment processing, employment advice, and on-line filing.

Employing Sub Contractors

The Construction Industry Scheme comes under the same umbrella as Payroll. If you use subcontractors who fall under the scheme you will need to deduct tax from payments to them and pay these to the Inland Revenue along with any Payroll liabilities.

All subcontractors under the scheme need to be verified by the Inland Revenue before you make any payments to them. Verification must be carried out in every case and is normally accomplished on-line, over the internet.

Details of payments and deductions must be submitted monthly. Late submission incurs a fine. Returns can be submitted by paper or on-line.

Having a responsible third party take care of this requirement reduces the administration overhead and ensures no fines are incurred. We can deal with the Revenue on your behalf, removing one more administration headache for the small businessman.

If you want to have a go yourself we can point you in the direction of free software to help you with the administration.

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